iNAP Recharging Rooms

Take A Nap! Change Your Life!

A survey by the National Sleep Foundation has found that more than 90% of
Americans have experienced a problem at work because of a poor night’s
sleep and in return they nap during work hours to recharge.

iNAP is the new revolution of recharging your body and mind to its fullest potential without leaving the grounds of your work place. It’s refinement of living well with a clear and powerful mind.

OUR PHILOSOPHY IS SIMPLE: Wellness is a key component to healthy living and is achieved by making mindful and self-directed choices. We believe that quality rest is essential for optimal wellness. The well rested “YOU,” is the best “YOU.”

OUR SOLUTION IS ELEGANT: A premiere wellness recharging club. We are creating a personal iNAP haven in office buildings throughout America starting in Los Angeles dedicated to rest and well-being. As our signature experience, iNAP Recharging Rooms will offer a private refuge to nap, relax, or meditate.

OUR PRIDE IS CONVENIENCE: We’re designing our wellness experience to be accessible and tailored to corporate employees. iNAP is a ready-made oasis that will be located in corporate office buildings. There’s no need for employees to leave and deal with the hustle bustle of a big city to go and relax, all they’ll have to do is get on an elevator, push the button to the appropriate iNAP floor and recharge.

iNAP: Recharging the people who power the world.