Our founders combined have raised over one billion dollars for project in several different business sectors. Together our mission is to raise one billion dollars for ROGO Capital Partners to provide capital to minority (Black, Latin, Asian, Women and other) companies that are potentially high yielding but lack the necessary capital to succeed. ROGO Capital invests in these types of private companies in exchange for an ownership stake. Depending on whether we becomes a minority owner or a majority owner, ROGO Capital will work with existing management with the goal of adjusting the company’s business plan to become more profitable, or it can execute a full takeover of the company, effectively becoming its new management and restructuring the business from the top down to ensure its
When it comes to business, any business, ROGO Capital knows it’s all about the bottom line. Our team of experts, who have worked with Fortune 500 companies globally, will determine which businesses will earn lucrative returns for our shareholders and investing partners. ROGO Capital philosophy is to acquire companies with defensible market positions and partner with exceptional management teams.